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Taking on a new plumbing project is a big deal.
Thank goodness you found us.


Mitch Moore the Founder and CEO of Moore’s Plumbing Inc. first started plumbing at the young age of 22. After years of learning the plumbing trade he took the jump in 1989 into becoming an entrepreneur and started his own company. From the beginning Mitch has always had the mentality quality over quantity.

To this day he ensures that he provides premier plumbing to all of his customers. Mitch’s infection personality makes him easy to work with. Mitch continues to evolve his plumbing craft so that he may provide his customers with new innovated plumbing technology

Mitchell Moore Jr., COO, son of Mitch Moore grew up around plumbing his whole life. As a kid growing up, he would often go to work with his dad, and unconsciously started learning the trade. Mitch often preached that hard work, dedication and taking pride in what you do will supersede talent.

Growing up an athlete and scholar, college and collegiate sports were something Mitchell aspired to do. He was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to CSULA, this is where he graduated with a degree in business. After graduation Mitchell jumped back into the business with his father and was back in the trenches learning the trade. With Mitchell’s fresh ideas and Mitch’s blue-collar work ethic they bounce ideas off each other to help continue to grow as business partners and a business.


Moore’s Plumbing Inc. specializes in new construction and remodels for both homes and commercial buildings. We do all plumbing within the property line, which includes water services, and sewer mains (up to the property line). We bring what is on paper to life.

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